3 Major Benefits Of A Contraceptive Detox

This is the case of one of my clients and the improvements she experienced after a birth control pill  detox. Susan came to see me because she was suffering from

Very low energy

Low moods

Complete lack of libido

Vaginal dryness

Hot Flushes


Some of these symptoms can be quite common during the peri-menopause, but it is not something that we should accept and live with. By taking her case it was quite clear to me that the pill she had been taking for 15 years was responsible to some of the extreme symptoms she was experiencing. 

After the first appointment her energy is increased the hot flushes are gone and most unexpected to her, her libido is back.

Along with the detox I also gave her Natrum Muriaticum Natronatum a homeopathic remedy specific to  her individual emotional and physical state. This was prescribed  to support the detox program and to make sure her individual symptoms where going to be taken care of.

A pill or contraceptive detox (implant as well) usually brings an amelioration of a number of symptoms, most commonly you can expect increased energy, decreased anxiety, decreased sadness when present, painful periods go back to be unnoticeable as they should be.

If you want know more about contraceptive detox, please contact me by booking a free 30 minutes  consultation to talk about your case or stay tuned as I’m going to share more stories.

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