Are you ready for a different approach to anxiety and low moods?

If you suffer from  chronic anxiety you know how limiting and terrifying it is to live in a state of continuous worry and fear.

You probably have also discovered that medication alone is not enough to go to the route cause of your anxiety.

Anxiety is a symptom of something deeper that needs addressing, there are many different causes to anxiety and they may be different for each one of us.

One thing we all have in common is the need to have wholesome food, balanced nutrition and balanced blood sugar  to give our body the necessary and minimal tools to cope and be eventually able to be anxiety free.

Yes anxiety it is not only in our mind it is in our body and there is much we can do with nutrition.

Homeopathy,   movement based therapies, lifestlyle medicine, healing frequencies, micro currents are other tools that I use in my practice and they all  have much to offer as a way to support good moods and anxiety.

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