about - Silvia Giunta

It is a truly moving experience, seeing women feel healthy and pain free again.

There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing the rippling effect of helping and facilitating women to get back to a state of improved health and regained energy.

As a naturally curious and analytic person, especially passionate about the disastrous effects of environmental toxicity I’ve spent the last 15 years studying and refining the way I work to achieve my goal of supporting women to live at their healthiest in today’s world.

I use Homeopathy, Bio-Resonance testing and lifestyle medicine.

I am convinced that the health decline we are seeing today has a lot to do with the environmental toxicity and various toxicants that we are exposed to and our lifestyles.

My calling and passion about understanding complementary medicine and how we can use it preventatively has always been there, but I became totally committed to it after I lost my beautiful and apparently healthy young mother to a form of incredibly invasive breast cancer.

I now use my knowledge and expertise to treat symptoms of anxiety, skin issues, hormonal imbalances and put women back in control of their health.

This is how you can work with me:Simply book a complementary, no commitment 10 min call and let’s explore possibilities to help with your migraine.

I went to Silvia hoping homeopathy could help with my migraines. I had started suffering from migraines with a strong stomach component(nausea vomit stomach ache). They would last 5/6 days making me bed bound and unable to keep anything down not even water!They would come out of nowhere and so much that I had all tests my GP suggested. No one could either explain or help.I went to Silvia and she immediately identified the deficiencies and created a homeopathic remedy specifically targeting my state at that moment in time. The remedy is created by analysing my current state through a Bio-Resonance machine and it would slightly change every 30/45 days at each subsequent visit in accordance with my body reactions.Since taking these remedies I had the onsets of my migraines 3 times but the episode would clear within half a day and without leaving me completely energy depleted.Silvia noticed my body is responding to the remedy and changing its dynamics to better face the causes of my migraines. She also suggested some lifestyle and dietary changes to make the effects long lasting. I am incredibly thankful for Silvia’s help and would highly recommend her to anyone who has struggled with migraines and has found traditional medicine unable to help.