There has never been a better time to look after our own health, 2020 has highlighted this need for all of us.

Nutritional therapy is a form of complementary therapy where nutrition science is applied to enhance and support your physical and mental wellbeing.

Foods is medicine and as nutritional therapist we are extensively trained to use the therapeutic properties of food and nutrients to support different conditions focussing on client unique situation, individual needs and biochemical individuality.

To implement change takes time and effort, there are no magic quick fixes, this is why I offer a minimum of three session as a starting package for who is ready to dive deep into the whys of their feeling of anxiety and overwhelm and find the solutions for their unique situation.



I have seen homeopathy working and working again on me, my family and the hundreds of clients that have consulted with me during the last 13 years of practice.

My objective is tounderstand you and your symptoms, once I do that we can work backwards. to achieve this it can take time and commitment  on your side. We need to understand patterns, find remedies that resonate with you, rebalance a few systems in your body that must be out of balance.

Symptoms are the body’s way of communicating with us, we need to listen. 

As a Homeopath there is not a one size fits all treatment so even if you and a family member have the same symptoms or condition you won’t get the same treatment plan because your journeys have been entirely different and unique.

I see myself as a health detective, gathering all the information of your past, such as your family history, medical history, exposure to environmental toxins, lifestyle and social life, work life, trauma, relationships. With this information

I will check for patterns and aim at understanding why your body is not functioning optimally and then devise your specific treatment plan. I use:

  • Homeopathic mother tincture
  • Homeopathic Remedies
  • Biochemical Tissue salts
  • Stress Management techniques
  • Movement therapy  advice
  • Nutritional Therapy (this is another service)