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Read my client’s stories to see how working with me helped them

Many people say:  I have anxiety....I always say of myself:I am anxiety…..since I can remember I ve always been a very anxious person, seeing danger in everything and not fully enjoying my life. Even when I sleep my dreams cause me anxiety every single night. The remedies I had to feel calmer is always been food, comfort food in particular, which of course has made me overweight nearly all my life. During the years I ve been trying all sort of diets and seeing different nutritionists which at the end left me worst then when I started. It was thanks to Silvia that I realised there is a relation between what I eat and my level of anxiety. She helped me to change the way I was thinking about food, not anymore as comfort and an escape, but as the fuel that would feed my body and mind. I started to feel more energy, happier and having good relaxing nights from the start. And the most important aspect I like about Silvia is that she doesn’t only give you the magic pill and a few suggestions to follow on paper, she really cares about your wellbeing and she is there every step of the way encouraging and motivating you. There is no other expert I would recommend!

After my breast cancer diagnosis I started getting anxiety, I felt overwhelmed and powerless, I couldn’t function. I spoke with my GP and he wanted to prescribe me heavy anti-anxiety medication. I was not ready for that, I knew I was going to have to put my body through a lot with the cancer treatment already. 
I turned to Silvia (she has been my homeopathic practitioner for over 15 years, during which she helped me with 2 pregnancies and natural deliveries) to see if there was any homeopathic remedy that could help. She was simply wonderful, I first of all felt understood which helped me to start feeling more calm and incontrol. The remedies worked from the get go and within a few days I started feeling better, I could breathe. I combined the remedies with her nutrition advice to also keep my body strong in view of the surgeries I had to do. Silvia makes you feel at ease, she is funny, she is calm, her approach is very practical and result oriented (I had lots of juggle and needed to keep things simple). I couldn’t recommend Silvia highly enough. She made such a huge difference during this whole journey for me.

My 9 year old daughter had been having terrible migraines causing her to be violently sick for over 18 months. We saw a paediatrician and my daughter also had a MRI scan. Nothing abnormal was detected and we were told the only thing was to put her on daily medication.

I definitely did not want to do this so decided to go down an alternative route. I e-mailed a few friends and asked if anyone knew a homeopath and one recommended Silvia to me.

We have been seeing Silvia since January 14 and touch wood my daughter has had no more migraines!

Silvia is fantastic and I would definitely recommended her. As a family we have never used alternative medicine but it has definitely been worth it for us. Thank you Silvia, long may the migraines cease to occur!

My allergies started when I was 17 years old and became worst when I moved to London a few years ago. I had symptoms on a regular basis regardless of the season, my eyes were itchy and I always looked as If I had been crying; I was feeling dizzy, sleepy and tired so much so that it was hard to concentrate. After trying many different therapies I decided to try Homeopathy.

I saw Silvia for a few months at 4 weekly intervals and I’m happy to say that I have been allergy free for 4 months now.

I’ve been living with allergies for so long that I can’t believe it’s gone and hoping it will never come back. thank you so much Silvia for helping me ! thank you!

My daughter and I have been seeing Silvia for over a year. My daughter had recurrent ear infections and was always very run down. But numerous visits to the doctors and numerous courses of antibiotics didn’t help. Silvia used the biofeedback machine and was able to pinpoint exactly what was causing my daughter to be so run down and gave her remedies to help her and also recommended which vitamins she needed. My daughter has been well ever since.

I first saw Silvia after a miscarriage she helped rebalance my hormones and helped with my emotional state and I was soon pregnant again. Throughout my pregnancy I visited Silvia and she helped me with stress and anxiety and general well being. After my csection Silvia gave me remedies to help heal my body and my emotions.

I cannot praise Silvia enough. She is very thorough, friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. Homeopathy is amazing and I will always turn to Silvia before a GP from now on.

I went to Silvia as a last resort to avoid surgery for a painful lump near my c-section scar (endometriosis). I was told by doctors the only way to get rid of it would be to surgically remove it. I have also always had very heavy and painful periods which came in the way of doing regular everyday activities.

After an in-depth discussion of symptoms, background and mental state along with bio-resonance testing, Silvia gave me the relevant remedies combined with advice on nutritional support and lifestyle changes. Silvia has helped me tremendously. The lump has decreased in size and  is a lot less painful. My periods are a lot less heavy and less painful.

Silvia is very thorough with her treatment and has been very consistent with support following the appointments. Silvia has always answered any queries that I’ve had  within 24hrs which is very helpful.

I went to Silvia hoping homeopathy could help with my migraines.

I had started suffering from migraines with a strong stomach component (nausea vomit stomach ache). They would last 5/6 days making me bed bound and unable to keep anything down not even water!

They would come out of nowhere and so much that I had all tests my GP suggested. No one could either explain or help.

Since taking these remedies I had the onsets of my migraines 3 times but the episode would clear within half a day and without leaving me completely energy depleted.

Silvia noticed my body is responding to the remedy and changing its dynamics to better face the causes of my migraines. She also suggested some lifestyle and dietary changes to make the effects long lasting.

I am incredibly thankful for Silvia’s help and would highly recommend her to anyone who has struggled with migraines and has found traditional medicine unable to help.

Silvia’s approach is friendly and professional.

She showed a thorough knowledge of her field and the capacity to listen and understand what I needed providing me with effective solutions. She is very reactive to changes and shows genuine interest in the patient’ s well being.

*Full names are not disclosed to protect my client’s privacy.