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Do you sometimes wish…

…there would be a different way to overcome your feelings of anxiety other than pills or other prescription medicine?

Are you not quite convinced natural remedies and a different lifestyle could sustainably keep away your feelings of overwhelm and anxiety?

Do you wonder, if knowing more about its causes could help you prevent it in the first place?




Has your sleep pattern changed during lockdown? 

Are you experiencing feeling of anxiety?

Would you like to try a natural approach?

We are living in really strange times, this could be our new normal for quite a while and  many of us will be experiencing anxiety and will be finding that their sleeping patterns are changing. If you have answered YES to one or more of the questions above, take advantage of my FREE EBOOK on how homeopathy can help with sleeplessness and anxiety.

Have you tried all the conventional migraine and headache treatments and nothing is really helping?

Are you sick and tired of popping down over the counter painkillers and thinking how long before you will start suffering from side effects?

Are you ready to listen to a different story, question your habits and probably make a few changes to your lifestyle?

If you have answered YES to one or more of these questions then take the first steps towards a migraine free life by downloading your free guide to 5 natural ways to overcome migraine triggers with Homeopathy and lifestyle tips.

My 9 year old daughter had been having terrible migraines causing her to be violently sick for over 18 months. We saw a paediatrician and my daughter also had a MRI scan. Nothing abnormal was detected and we were told the only thing was to put her on daily medication.

I definitely did not want to do this so decided to go down an alternative route. I’ve mailed a few friends and asked if anyone knew a homeopath and one recommended Silvia to me. We have been seeing Silvia since January 14 and touch wood my daughter has had no more migraines!

My name is Silvia Giunta. I’m a homeopath and neurodevelopment practitioner and I’m on a mission to help women feel strong and anxiety free, all without heavy medication,  but with a holistic approach that has helped me, my family and hundreds of clients I’ve worked with over the last 10 years.

Book a free 15 min consultation to explore what’s possible for you and your situation.

Want to read more?

Head over to my blog where I share resources and helpfulinformation on how deal with anxiey, feelings of overwhelm and women’s health.

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