In my opinion TOXICITY together with malnutrition or malabsorption  that can be caused and facilitated by TOXICITY (yes!!) are the number one cause for ill health.

When I speak to my clients or during talks I usually use the analogy of a bath tub that fills and fills with dirty water, sooner or later if you don’t take the plug out, the water  will overflow damaging the bathroom floor or the entire house…depending on when the plug goes or how fast the water is coming!!

A cleanse is a way to take the plug out, reduce  the tap flow and let some of the toxins that we have accumulated go…

Toxicity is not only caused by fast foods or alcoholic drinks we are all surrounded by toxins that keep building up in our body

  • do you suffer from headaches?
  • do you feel spacey at times?
  • do you sweat for no apparent reasons?
  • do you experience heart palpitations?
  • do you take regular medication?
  • do you live near a farm?
  • do you live in a city?

I could add 100 questions … the answer is that more or less we are all living in a toxic soup.

Furthermore the level of toxicity is the result of the total exposures to environmental pollutants:

  • dietary contaminants (allergens, alcohol, gluten etc),
  • toxic by products produced by intestinal bacteria
  • endogenous substances produced through metabolism.

As you can guess we all have different levels depending on our lifestyle and  genetic make- up.

An impaired and overloaded detoxification system DOES affect the way we feel not only physically but mentally and emotionally.

Why mentally and emotionally? My simple answer would be that we are ONE and not many bodily systems put together, we are interconnected what happens to my thoughts creates a reaction in my body, what happens in my body creates a reaction in the way I think and see the world.

High level of toxicity would increase systemic inflammation, gut inflammation  and inflammation in the gut would easily become inflammation in the brain. As there is a bidirectional continuous communication between gut and brain.

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