homeopathy@home course
Now you can learn how to use homeopathy for your family’s health!
For the last months, I have been busy working to create an online homeopathy course for the whole family. I am happy to say that it is finally ready and that I am proud of the end result.It is probably hard for me to be completely objective as I have been thinking about this course for a long time, it started off as an idea and then I challenged myself to create it. I learned all the technical bits ( that was the hardest part !!), two homeopath friends Caroline and Kirsten were willing to share this journey with me. Working together has been invaluable, it has reinforced our friendship and made the course better than what we initially imagined.Now it is ready for you to use it. The “Homeopathy@Home” online course has been designed to help you support your family’s health safely and effectively using homeopathy.It is really easy to follow, you can listen, watch and learn from the comfort of your home, at your own pace. We have decided to avoid drip feeding lessons as if you are like us you will want to jump. straight to what you are interested in.We have been busy condensing many years of homeopathic knowledge in short videos and downloads.
Here is what people that have tried the course had to say:
“The videos are brilliant and they bring the course to life”
“It is so straightforward to navigate which I loved”
“I like how it is all in bitesize chunks”
“there is no mysterious medical terminologies that I couldn’t understand, I immediately felt confident to try the remedies at home”.