4 Reasons to try homeopathy for migraines

Are you suffering from migraines or chronic headaches? Have you been to your doctor? Have you had all the medical tests done and still no explanation for why you have a migraine?  Are you using conventional medications, but it’s not really working for you and or you are worried about its side effects? 

Are you contemplating trying something different? If you are willing to make a few changes and  give homeopathy a try then I would like to give you three more valid reasons to try homeopathy and lifestyle interventions for your migraines.

Your individual remedy for your individual triggers

Homeopathy will look at your very individual triggers and address that with a very specific remedy. Your migraines or chronic headaches could be triggered by a change in weather, by hormonal change,  by a malfunction of your digestive system or by stress, then as homeopaths we would look at very different remedies.

Homeopathic remedies are incredibly targeted and having something like 4000 remedies at our disposal it becomes quite important to be picky!

If you haven’t worked out all your triggers, well don’t worry as homeopaths are trained in asking all sort of questions and mapping them. I also suggest that you keep a migraine/headache diary as it can be very useful to spot headaches trends, and something that you may have not noticed may be more easily picked up by your homeopath.

Non-addictive Safe and Non-Toxic

Homeopathy doesn’t have any side effects and it is not addictive, did you know that many migraines and chronic headaches are the common side effects of many medications and guess what…yes they can also be caused  by  some migraine medications.  Some migraine medications taken for more than 10 days a month can contribute to the surge of cyclical Headaches. Also a lot of migraine sufferers self-prescribe over the counter medication mixing and matching pain killers, a very dangerous thing to do. It may seem like a good idea at the time and it may work for a while but it is a very dangerous thing to do as it can affect your liver function and digestive system. Always speak to your consultant before mix and matching medications.

Homeopathy doesn’t silence your symptoms, it works!

When working with a homeopath you will find that your body gets stronger and that in the long run you won’t be responding to your triggers as much as you used to. The main goal of each and every homeopath is to eliminate your migraines completely not to silence them, so that you won’t need to keep coming to see me. You may also find that while being treated homeopathically many other issues that you had and took for granted will magically get fixed, improved moods and increased energy levels are usually one of the  effects of homeopathic treatment.

Clinical evidence

Homeopathy has been used for migraines and chronic headaches for hundreds of years with great clinical results all over the world, there is also some more formal research that proves homeopathy being stronger than placebo when it comes to headaches and migraines.

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