Are Your Migraines Toxic Migraines?

When most people are diagnosed with migraines or chronic headaches they are prescribed medications to prevent or suppress them and that’s it. But is it? Are migraines the cause or the effect? I believe they are just a symptom, the body expression of a deeper imbalance. The most important question that your doctor should answer is why? Why do you get migraines?  What is the cause behind your headache? There is always a cause and when we say that there is no cause it is only because we have not found one yet.

I have never made a secret of my belief that toxins in our environment are the major cause of the many diseases that we are facing today and the same goes with headaches and migraines. Stanford Health Care reports that the second most common type of vascular headache is a toxic headache.

Toxic headaches can be caused by mould, fumes exposures, chemical sensitivities, carbon monoxide poisoning, medications among which headache medications and the contraceptive pill, electromagnetic stress and artificial sweeteners, alcohol, copper exposure, cigarette exposure.

I work closely with my clients to get them towards being migraine FREE and my method is to

  • Find a unique homeopathic remedy or remedies for them
  • Realise the cause through a thorough consultation and bio-resonance feedback test done in the clinic or remotely
  • Eliminate the triggers as much as possible
  • Eliminate the cause, Toxins in this case through a Homeopathic and lifestyle detox

Homeopathy is a gentle, extremely targeted and effective detoxification tool.

How homeopathy and bio-resonance testing can help you overcome a toxic migraine? Homeopaths are trained in asking a lot of questions and understanding triggers and since practicing homeopathy and using a bio-resonance machine I have seen the most disparate substances or environmental triggers coming through the test results, from the most common toxicity brought on by diary or gluten, to mould exposure, magnetic fields, or electricity and constipation.

Let me dare say that if you are suffering from Toxic headaches, there is no point in taking medication indefinitely trying to stop your symptoms as you are among the lucky ones that can do something practical about it. Once the cause is understood you can quickly act to eliminate it and with the help of homeopathy we can look at the individual remedy that your body needs to detoxify the culprit substance.

One of my clients that was suffering from various burning pains had developed a sensitivity to electricity and when asked she said that she had a very big TV screen in her bedroom, 2 computers, phones a WIFI router etc. The next steps were N1 to detoxify her environment by switching off the TV in her bedroom, removing computers, phone and iPads from the bedroom N2 to take a prescription of the homeopathic remedy Electricitas. In 10 days she was pain free! We are all incredibly different and homeopathy takes this into consideration.

Mould toxicity is something that many clients present with especially in the UK, this can be the cause of many diseases and definitely a cause for headaches, as homeopaths we have specific remedies we use in this circumstances. Homeopathy definitely helps but continuous exposure is not advised, but changing the working environment or the living arrangement can be costly.

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