Do you sometimes wish…

…there would be a different way to overcome your feelings of anxiety other than pills or other prescription medicine?

Are you not quite convinced natural remedies and a different lifestyle could sustainably keep away your feelings of overwhelm and anxiety?

Do you wonder, if knowing more about its causes could help you prevent it in the first place?




Are you experiencing feeling of anxiety and overwhelm?

Would you like to try a natural approach? 

If you have answered YES to one or more of the questions above, take advantage of my FREE  2 days FOOD & MOOD recipes. These recipes are designed with ingredients that support natural good moods. 

It was thanks to Silvia the I realised there is a relationship between what I eat and my level of anxiety. She helped me to change the way I was thinking about food, not anymore as comfort and an escape, but as the fuel that would feed my body and mind. I started to feel more energy and happier and having good relaxing nights from the start. And the most important aspect I like about Silvia is that she really cares about your wellbeing and she is there every step of the way encouraging and motivating you.(…)

My name is Silvia,  I’m a homeopath a nutritional therapist and a  neurodevelopment practitioner and I’m on a mission to help women feel strong and anxiety free, all without heavy medication,  but with a holistic approach that has helped me, my family and hundreds of clients I’ve worked with over the last 16 years.

Book a free 15 min consultation to explore what’s possible for you and your situation.

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In my opinion TOXICITY together with malnutrition or malabsorption  that can be caused and facilitated by TOXICITY (yes!!) are the number one cause for ill health. When I speak to my clients or during talks I usually use the analogy…
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Homeopathy for compulsive Skin Picking and Hair Pulling

Skin picking disorder (Dermatillomania) and hair pulling disorder (Trichotillomania) can be a consequence of trauma, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorders. Compulsive skin picking  is  characterised by the repetitive picking of…
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I am Italian and I love coffee!  I love its aroma in the morning especially if it comes from a Moka, a traditional Italian cafetière as it brings back sweet memories of Italy and family. Italians like their coffee strong, in a warm…